Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Software books reviews down - permanently (so far)

It has been some time as I planned to take down software books reviews. Although I don't think that the idea was bad it takes time to make the site grow and support from the community was not so good.
As running site takes some money, lot of time and I have two other sites online too: grails tutorials and things to do with kids I have to choose which one to take down.
So my decision was to take down the software books reviews.

Now I want to be able to concentrate on my new work and to try to extend functionality of the spend day with kids site. I promised few months ago that I will open source grails tutorials and I still plan to do that. The problem is that I need few days of additional work before I open source it and I am not able to find those day.

So for all that were visiting software books reviews, sorry but I had to take it down.

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