Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hope to have more material for blogging

I am aware that last few weeks I was quite lazy with blogging but as I was changing employer so lot of responsibilities have been in front of me. Of course, important part was knowledge transfer. From the October I am in my new company.

First I would like to thanks my previous company for having a chance to work on interesting and exciting projects.

In the new company I am coming to the position of Head of Software Development. It is a small start up company and we are working on the green field project. Yes, you see it right, its green field :)

As my future work will include some new technologies and different market I hope that I will have lot of materials for blogging. We will mainly work with affiliate networks and mobile web development. As this is quite new field for me I believe I will be able to share a lot of interesting discoveries.

As the field we will be working in is very dynamic we are of course on Scrum and agile software development. Dynamic projects and agile software development create great combination. I am very sure we will have lot of fun.

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