Saturday, October 17, 2009

New features on spend day with kids

I have finally found some free time so I decided to implement some new features on spend day with kids.

So far all searches have been performed with the same default parameters. The defaults were distance is 100 kms and the sorting of attractions was by type.

Very soon after the launch of the site I got mail from Jeff where he proposed that results should be displayed in the order of proximity from the provided city. I liked the idea immediately and now this feature is supported.

So now you can provide city or even address and specify the distance of places to be searched and additionally to select ordering type. Possible ordering types are of course by distance and by city.

As you probably know spend day with kids site helps you find great family days out and is implemented with Grails. While developing this site, so far I didn't hit any special interesting features that could be worth for blogging about. But if you have any ideas just let me know

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