Sunday, April 15, 2018

Basics of Ad Servers

Although my responsibilities are mainly technical I was lucky enough to also get much more into online sales business. As we are using lot of advertising, banners and ad serving I got lot of experience with that.

When I moved more into advertising I found out lot of new buzz words for me. Some of them are Ad Server, creative, pop-under, A/B testing, zone, ad space, campaign, landing pages...

To my big surprise even number of experienced persons still do have confusion regarding all these. The problem is that online advertising and online sales very often much more looks like magic than something where you can setup some real processes.

Anyway there are some standard rule sets valid for every company which wants to advertise product or service using Ad Server and banners (or better tell creatives).

This brought me to decision to write series of blog posts which will help others to get good understanding into basics of ad servers, ad serving and other commonly used terms in online advertising.

In the next post I will start with basics. We will see what is actually web site and zone in the online marketing. As we get deeper into the matter I will use Lite Ad Server in examples. This way we will be able to see everything mentioned in practice.

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