Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starting with the Startup

Few months ago (October last year) I have joined the startup company. An what is the real luck I have joined them really at the beginning. So when I came on my first working day there was server room prepared, tables with computers and few developers that joined the company a month before me. The core business of the company is (will be) affiliate networks and mobile web applications. It is quite young and very innovating area of the current industry trends. If you don't believe me Google it :)

The great thing in joining startup right from the beginning is that you have big influence on the whole process. It is never boring and commonly it is taken care that the team is created from great people and developers. And of course it does not mean that big and small companies do not have great people and great developers.

So when the team is established, servers are prepared and there is rough idea what needs to be implemented you can jump right away into development. You install Eclipse, and start writing code. And doing it this way you will fail in a few months :)

First steps to be done are to establish some basic processes. As my part is mainly considered to development processes I will go through development processes and development environment setup.

Well our decisions I will explain in the coming posts.

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