Monday, January 4, 2010

New feature on spend day with kids

For those who are using spend day with kids site or find it interesting or useful just to let you know that I have added some new features. Now it is possible to search for indoor and outdoor places to go with kids. So for example now it is possible to search for indoor places to go with kids in the range of 50 kms from London or outdoor things to do with kids in the range of 20 kms from New York.

As I have recently changed my job position my free time become really limited so it is really hard to work on pet projects. Even this small change would be almost impossible if there would not be Grails. Thanks to it it's quite easy to add new features. Actually implementation took only few hours and updating all over 1400 places to visit took much more time.

I hope that in the coming days I will be able to write some posts about my experience with Grails in the startup company. We had lot of interesting points that deserves blogs posts.

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