Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have you recently read a software related book?

As number of other software developers I like to read books about software development too. Books I like to read are about general aspects of programming and about agile software development. As my latest free time burner is grails framework I put together these two passions and created web site Software Book Reviews of course using grails.
The web site is devoted to software related books. You can provide review directly on the site or link to an existing review on the Internet. Further on you can also provide summary of the book by providing answers to three short and easy questions.

As I like this web site and used little bit different approach than used for Grails Tutorials I plan that some post about about my adventures developing software books reviews will come soon.

In the meantime, if you have recently read some software related book maybe you can be so kind to post review on the site.


board tc said...

Spelling and grammar corrections:

'Write or paset link to existing review' (paste)

'Have you recently read A software related book?'

'Write A review and provide A summary of software related books you have read.'

jan said...


I will fix it after the weekend.