Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flexible Feeds Launched

New grails powered web site is launched. You can have a look at

On this site you can register RSS feed of your blog or feeds of your favorite blogs or web sites. Each feed is registered in different category so you can navigate articles by categories. To help others to decide if it is worth to read article you can vote for articles.

You should give a chance to this site and you will see it can be excellent source of news in the blogging sphere.

Why this site? If you are at least a little bit like me your RSS reader is full of feeds. Feeds are probably added to different folders but you need lot of time only to navigate through all new articles. What I am missing in readers is possibility to have kind of unique view and social aspects like voting on articles and tags on articles.

All that I miss in classic readers is supported in the first release of flexible feeds.

But I don't plan to stop here. I would like to have flexibility with feeds. Maybe I want to have different views for the same category. Or I want to combine different feeds. All this and much more is planned for the next version.

And for the end, I would be glad if you register RSS feed of your blog or feeds of your favorite sites.


JustinForder said...

"lunched" should be "launched" !


jan said...

Thanks Justin,

I fixed it now :)

MinistryOfGame said...

Interesting, I just realize that my blog Ministry
Of Game
found it's way to flexible feeds. I guess someone must have posted it up.

Glad to found another person who have heard of scrum and agile technologies!