Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is another interesting bug we had in just two days. Again one of those "this is not happening to me" bugs :)

We have JSF project and on JSF projects you are creating managed beans and setting values to those beans within faces-config.xml file.

Well for one of the new managed beans we got javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException. In the first moment it seemed like one of standard typo errors but after verifing the code everything seemed ok but JSF was just refusing to set value of the managed been. Again, after some googling we found solution in this post.

Well shortly, this problem occurs if you have variable in the managed bean that starts with lower-case character after which immediately follows upper-case character. So variables with the names like: xCor, xStreamConverter or similar cannot be found by JSF and finish with the
javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException exception.

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