Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grails Tutorials

I have just released first draft version of grails tutorials powered by Grails. You can find it at www.grailstutorials.com.

For me it is only alpha version but I believe it can be useful already. You are able to register, to post link and to search among posted articles. I hope that in the near future there will be much more features like tags, rating, hierarchical search...

As you find interesting article, just paste link to that article here so the all community of Grails and Groovy practicioners can benefit from it. This way our knowledge will be focused and the Grails and Groovy community will be able to grow even faster.

To understand how I see future development of www.grailstutorials.com just visit vision section.

And don't be lazy and post some interesting links :)


Robert O'Connor said...

Great job! and GREAT contribution to the grails community!

jan said...

Thanks Robert,

I have created grailstutorials.com because I was missing place like that when I discovered grails. I believe it will really contribute to community.

Robert O'Connor said...

Yeah, I've seen you on #grails on codehaus =) Great contribution!

Randin said...

Thank you for the site, great work, not only did I register for it I posted it on Digg and Reddit.