Sunday, October 28, 2007

Checkstyle report with Maven2

Sorry if I will not be precise enough but I spent some time until I managed to configure custom checkstyle to be included within report generated by maven2. I want to share this knowledge so maybe somebody will need not spend so much time on this because I followed description on checkstyle maven2 plugin but that didn't work.

I have found solutions from the following mailing list archive. Follows short description.

Problem is following. I have maven java project and custom checkstyle configuration. I want to include checkstyle report into maven2 generated report. Solution is:

Create new maven project and into resources folder include your custom checkstyle configuration file e.g. my_checkstyle.xml.
Deploy this project to local or your intranet maven repository.
For this example groupId is and artifactId is checkstyle and version is 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Then within pom of project for which you want to have custom checkstyle validation add following lines:



Run mvn site for your project and your customized checkstyle report will be included within your project.

Note: For some reasons, not all customizations work. Plugin is reporting errors when module element contains subelements like suppressLoadErrors. Currently I don't have enough time to play with this problem. I think solution is with using suppress warnings. If I return to this problem and find solution I will post it here.

Link to maven2 checkstyle plugin is here.


Mega said...

Nice! thx!

Mega said...

nice! thx

Mega said...

case typo: is "groupId" & "artifactId" (upper case i)

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Sushant said...

Your explaination really helped and now i am able to build the project using maven. And as you said you spent a lot of time working out on implementing checkstyle so i too.

So really thank you for providing a simple solution.